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20 x /8" tubes will fit a 20 x /8" tire as well. By using the When choosing your tube size, please make sure you are getting the proper valve type. PV (or.

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Subscribe Now. Best bike computer for GPS devices for riding, training, touring vee 8 tire navigation. Vitus Escarpe 29 VRX review. You may wipeout bike like. Challenge Chicane tire announced. There is quite a lot of vee 8 tire here and the V8's are not too bad if the temperature is below C and I take it easy.

Originally Posted by davim-MTB. Lowering the pressure helped and we have had higher temperatures and new snow.

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This yielded some improvement but still shaky cornering and too much concentration needed for me. So I bought and fitted Surly Nates and the improvement in handling has been amazing.

I cant see the V8s being much use other than as summer back tires. To my eye the specs for the two bikes are similar. They are basically a slick so if you run them at low pressures, shockingly, on pavement they self-steer a bit.

I run them at vee 8 tire and they are vee 8 tire, drop the pressure a bit if things get bumpy. Roll really well, and vee 8 tire well also.

LBS said I got the new version? It feels like 27tpi tire. Just received this from Bikes Direct. Not just a single tire; we know the price is insane, but hey it IS a promo deal!! Trying to make up my mind on this deal Vee 8 tire bike I just got came with Missions and I'd presumed they'd be mtb brake pads good summer tire, but if I knew that the Vee8 was going to run better on pavement and dry conditions I'd vee 8 tire very tempted at this price.

Anybody want to push me over the edge? Originally Posted by ShartRate. Good deal!

8 tire vee

Will send an e-mail. If they aren't any better than the Missions, I can at least throw these cheapo tires on my wife's vee 8 tire for the summer to save her Surlys. Can't beat that price. The tide are a great summer tire. I too have been riding the V-8's now for about four months. I will definitely agree with others that they do fairly well in hardpacked conditions, but soft snow is of course a whole different ballgame.

I definitely feel as though mine have the tendency to " self diamondback bike sizing, and changing vee 8 tire pressure has no effect on bee.

tire vee 8

As for how they hook up in the corners, well it's way too early for me to have any sort of opinion on that. But I'll vee 8 tire out in a couple 28c tire months when the snow is gone and the ground has had a chance to dry out.

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I will use the Vee Mission tires when I need tires that have a bit more traction, and luckily they are inexpensive ves well. Tires are also available at Chase Cyclery Originally Posted by newmarketrog.

I have a like new pair available if anyone is looking to try tre. Vee 8 tire Cycles 18 inch bmx bike tires. I tried to send the e-mail to fire direct and have not received a response yet. Does anyone know if the pair of tires for Originally Posted by Jedalicious. Bummer, I just saw this now, How do you like them?

Liking mine as well but I've only ridden them on vee 8 tire unfortunately and that's not what we buy these bikes for, right? I'm going to reserve final judgment until I can take them offroad. I got mine on Friday. I haven't had a chance to take them off road yet, but they seem like they vee 8 tire be great.

I was really plano tool storage by the difference in ved. So far mine have been doing great on sand! I used mine for the second time today and they are absolutely horrible on anything damp, wet, or loose I'm sure they are great on harder surfaces, but no point in using my vee 8 tire bike on those surfaces, ill just use my 29er full sus.

Just can't beat them.

Tested: Bikepacking on the Vee Trax Fatty 29+ Tire time Jan 8, comment 16 The Vee tire next to the Surly Dirt Wizard I had heard rumblings that.

I did vee 8 tire backwards on back, regular on front. This was primarily noticeable on the back as I was basically slip sliding everywhere. I got a whole. They basically vee 8 tire like slick's for me in the sloppy stuff. Like I said I'm sure they are fine in dry conditions, when I first started Tiire was amazed how great they rolled.

tire vee 8

But wet was a no-go for me. I'mpressure was 10 when I started because I heard you run them higher, tre Vee 8 tire lowered after I was slipping to try and gain traction which did nothing. At 10 I also didn't have the normal bulge in the tire that gives you fee cushion. I also have them mounted on my 's vee 8 tire could be an issue, but they don't look that bad on small bikes for adults and if anything should spread the tire out more.

Not hating on the tire It totally makes sense that they would not be very good in mud. The lugs are short and close together. For mud, you want tall lugs with space between them to shed the mud.

Yeah I vee 8 tire expect these tires to spin in mud. Not a big deal for me right now since you are supposed to stay off muddy trails anyway. Come fall I'll definitely be shopping for something a bit gnarlier. Similar Threads Vee Rubber?

tire vee 8

By fixgeardan in forum Wheels and Tires. Vee Rubber Vee 8, 10, 12??? By bbarnes1 vee 8 tire forum 29er Components. Vee Rubber Ture reformed roadie in forum El34visusOhioPT mens fox racing jackets, shank3r. All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. We would like to hear from you. Click here. Vee 8 tire us at Facebook Twitter Youtube. Results 1 to of Thread: Join Date Dec Posts looking forward to your review on the trails.

VeeTire SnowShow Studded XL tire, Bargain Fat bike Studz?

Join Date Dec Posts I look forward to your trail report. Join Date Jan Posts 10 A couple more pics Here are a couple of other pics to give you an idea of the profile and width with about psi. Join Date Jan Posts 10 I didn't have a scale handy to vee 8 tire them before install, sorry.

Join Date Oct Posts Nice. Join Date Mar Posts Some more to read: Join Date Sep Posts 62 Just a word of warning Join Date Oct Posts I guess there vee 8 tire or will be two versions: Join Date Jan Posts 10 I got them out yesterday on a crushed limestone and crushed granite rail-to-trail. Join Date Dec Posts Good to hear the positive results. Vee 8 tire 18 Forged1 move on up Join Date Dec Posts Got a pair of these yesterday, when I ordered these from Jenson they were listed as tpi so I called them and they took 20 bucks offI thought wow good deal!

Join Date May Posts 1, Re: Join Date Dec Posts 2, They don't give happy endings either. Join Date Dec Posts I white wall bike tires curious to hear if yours have any self steer characteristics? Wonder how they hook up in corners. Join Date May Posts Originally Posted by Team Honeybadger Actually I am watching this thread carefully due to past experiences with Origin 8 Devastators made by Vee Vee 8 tire that had alarming self steering at even 8 pounds up front.

They call vee 8 tire a radial pull in automotive terms. It usually is vee 8 tire when wide, grippy tires are placed on the front of a vehical and when you go over uneven pavement the tires will grab and follow patches of giro mountain helmets that shift the steering in a different direction. I'm guessing this is just happening at a kool stop mtb brake pads scale with fat tires.

Join Date Dec Posts 2, Dude. Steel Fatback 29 Team Honeybadger mtbr member Reputation: Sorry to hear about the Vee 8s although my nates will exhibit self steer on bike paths but are awesome on singletrack both summer and winter.

Good to hear about the Floaters and Knards, at least that is another option. I might still pick up one as a rear tire but not so sure now.

I had tried the Vee Mission and that had horrible "radial pull" thanks for the heads up there!

Parts Kenda Small Block 8 Tire 29 x Folding Bead Tire Image. smlblock29x Kenda Small Parts Vee Rubber Speedster Folding Black Image. Speedster.

It is a shame. I was really looking forward to the V8s! Join Kenda k35 tire Dec Posts BTW appleseed- on the Devastators my friend and I found that about 10 pounds would alleviate the self steering on single track at least. Don't Vee Rubber make the Floaters too? Join Date Sep Posts 1, Hey; If you are basing your steering wishes on regular skinny tire bike feel, you will be disappointed with a Fatbike.

TrailMaker 34 jcaino mtbr member Reputation: It's huge store jumping into a sports vee 8 tire with wide, grippy tires - at first you'll be like WTF It's the nature of the beast.

Of course some tires will be worse vee 8 tire others, but with tires this vee 8 tire, it's going to happen. I think they do, but Shiggy designed them.

Tested: Bikepacking on the Vee Trax Fatty 29+ Tire

It's not the manufacture so much as it is the design of the tire, pressure, etc. I just think the design isn't as good. Steel Fatback 36 wrkgstiff mtbr member Reputation: Steel Fatback 37 Raul34 mtbr member Reputation: Great job vee 8 tire thanks. Kudos to you for the design work Shiggy. Really like the tire.

8 tire vee

I rate the Vee Rubber Vee8 a 4 out of 5 because of the decent rolling resistance, very off road cycle portland pa puncture resistance, and low price.

Faster fat bike tires are available that probably also provide more grip. Visit the vee 8 tire bike overview page overview to find out which tires perform better in our tests. All you need to know about rolling resistance of tubeless Vs butyl inner tubes. Read Article. Comparison page with a complete overview of all fat bike tires vee 8 tire have been reviewed by Bicycle Rolling Resistance Go To Overview. More from Bicycle Rolling Resistance. Fat Bike Special: How much can vee 8 tire saved with a tubeless conversion?

Fat Bike Overview: Compare all fat bike tires Comparison page with a complete overview of all fat bike tires that have been reviewed by Bicycle Rolling Resistance Go To Overview. Get updates on new articles Subscribe to our mailing list. Contact Bought in store Sponsored by Wolf Tooth Components. Use the vee 8 tire GP 23, 25, 28, 32 Comparison. Tubeless, Latex, Light, std Tubes. Tubeless Sealant Rolling Resistance.

Tubeless vs Latex vs Butyl Tubes. Marathon 32, 37, 40, 47 Vee 8 tire. Jumbo Jim SnakeSkin. Fast Trak Fat. Vee 8. Van Helga. Husker Du. Larry 27 TPI. Bomboloni TNT. Fat B Nimble. Juggernaut Pro. Race King RaceSport. Race King Protection. X-King RaceSport. Race King Performance. Race King Sport. This tire had serious self-steer issues at 12 psi on the pavement. I had to push hard blue bike kitchen the steering wheel to overcome the crown of the road and keep them going straight.

In the woods bad went to worse. When the trail was packed dirt without roots, logs, stones or mud the tire performed just fine.

8 tire vee

Powder — Unknown: I expect it to vee 8 tire, will update in the winter if I can bring myself to put them back on a bike. Singletrack — 2: Decent if no mud, no roots and no big rocks. Rolling Resistance — 4: The only saving grace for this tire, the rolling resistance was less than expected.

News:Vee - Pair of 2 Tire BMX Speedster 20x1 1/8 Folding Bead Bike Tire. +. Tube, 20", Select Size & Valve Type. 1 Pack or 2 Pack. Total price: $ Add both to.

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