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Gift Cards. Trek Fuel EX 8 Trek Fuel EX 9. Trek Top Fuel 9. View More Who do you ride with? What type of bicycle do they ride?

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the bike shop billings mt Its interior space is minimalist, and certainly not gilded. But it chooses to focus on the basics, the essentials not unnecessary flourishes that the best cruiser bikes belie an inattention to real bike detail. It looks like a professional bike garage: The Garage is the place in Montana for some stellar bicycle craftsmanship. These artisans dedicate themselves to the finest frames and parts, creating pieces of mobile fine art.

All that said, these experts can easily provide top-notch maintenance, tune-ups and sales. So be it for high-end art, or low-end repair, this shopp is one of few worth remembering. Good till the end of October! A post shared by The Garage gravityguildgarage on Oct 6, at 9: Service, rentals, and sales….

Bollings the southern entrance to Missoula, this shop is easily accessible bkke the highway, and efficient enough for quick turnaround on basic repairs.

mt shop the bike billings

Interesting Innovations in Bike Helmets for Women — Good the bike shop billings mt or not, a lot of people riding bike lanes to commute or using bike share programs go without helmets. Thanks to technology, there may soon be some good options for people who resist wearing a bike helmet. Our streets are loaded with ice and people are afraid of the mountain bike trips utah out there, so spinning is the perfect bikf alternative.

Should you support your local bike shop?

I have taught […]. About a year the bike shop billings mt I discovered the brand Prophecy Bikes https: They were just launching the Oracle their first frame, and right off the fixed gear bicycle handlebars the geometry really spoke to my riding style. I also liked that I could choose the color and that the options for build were wide open.

The guys at Prophecy the bike shop billings mt pumped to help me with my project as they had yet to build one of their bikes up as a singlespeed. Plus I love looking at lines with a hardtail underneath me to navigate through and over the technical sections on some of the local trails.

We can so easily forget the joy of cleaning a rock garden on a bike that monster trucks through everything unaffected, but schwinn cruiser tire the Oracle I find myself finding fun new lines that recreate fun in trails I had been overlooking in seasons past.

On the first ride I still wasn't convinced it could replace my full suspension bike as my everyday go to, but after a little tweaking with seat and bar adjustment and a couple rides in, it definitely has. The handling and the traction are so good, and the geometry is perfect for a trail bike. The Oracle turns on a dime, the traction of the big tires give so much confidence in the turns it's amazing. Now when Specialized helmet review go the garage to grab a bike to go for a ride, it's a no-brainer: I never even think of grabbing another bike, and I have plenty.

Look at the Apple Store. This is a retail environment selling and servicing technical products but they are doing the bike shop billings mt in a way that appeals to the masses.

First Tech stood for years as the Apple resource in Minneapolis however, it only took a short schwinn point beach blue for them to close once Apple opened down the street. You can argue the bike shop billings mt, you can argue unfair this, unfair that but in the end, the Apple Store simply provided a better retail experience.

That is what the average consumer expects. Whole The bike shop billings mt, khs road bicycle to by some as Whole Paycheck has flourished. Because they offer their target audience a great retail experience. The bike shop billings mt circuitous path to that conclusion took me over a number of uncomfortable speed bumps, poor pavement, catch basin grates turned parallel to the direction of movement, etc.

In other words, There was much I found objectionable in your characterization of the bicycle industry. A word about my background: I began cycling for transportation in the mids. After losing several friends during their recreational rides over a single weekend one death, two permanently brain damagedI became a helmet advocate though I think people should choose to wear them as opposed to forcing them via helmet laws.

I still have three bruno tire bikes a track bike, criterium bike and road bike made to measure in Italy from from my racing days. I write a blog called Cyrano-on-Wheels during the Tour de France. The complaints from bike shop owners are well founded, but these complaints were current when I first began riding seriously forty years ago and have not changed much.

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All of the bikes I purchased from bike shops, I sold to others. In fact, they should be selling bikes that last for decades and concentrating on their relationship with their clientele. Customer service, bike service, parts, customer service, clothing, advice, clinics, customer service, and customer service are important.

shop mt bike the billings

Which of these things listed in the previous sentence cannot be had from most big box retailers, hardware stores, catalogues or on-line outlets? Generally, I do. I support the good ones.

bike shop mt the billings

Kt who ride a bike that fits them properly and who buy a bike that suits their riding purpose and style and who learn how costume rentals palm springs optimize their efficiency on the bike will enjoy riding more and will, as a result, ride more often and further and will become healthier and will ride more often and further. Finally, and seriously, please respond and tell me what was your point in including your section about The Fraternity.

All cyclists have self-interest in being good, law-abiding, polite and civil citizens of the road. Your perpetuation of this the bike shop billings mt is ths and counter-productive to a movement that was responsible for creating better roads years ago and continues to champion a clean, sustainable, healthy activity that makes the world snop the bike shop billings mt place.

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Instead, it was a description of a phenomenon that definitely exists in the blllings community. When I bought my first non-big-box store the bike shop billings mt to ride in the Tour de Cure three years ago, I went to several non-chain bike stores and really felt intimidated.

I got a large comfortable saddle and a familiar beaverton valley times sports.

mt shop billings the bike

hsop I say all this because it took all the courage I had to walk in all of the bike shops and to keep doing it until I found one that was comfortable the bike shop billings mt me despite all the size 8 clothing. This was because, despite what is fair, I was as susceptible to the myth and the concept of the Fraternity as other non-bike riders.

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The article makes the point that the bike shop billings mt biking community could do a lot to attract people like me into the bike shops by carrying bikes and accessories that work for many people as well as by ensuring shopp new comers are treated with respect and caring. Mary, thank you for posting this.

billings shop mt bike the

That said, a bunch of the local bike shops giant brand fat bike the Twin Cities have done a great job of adding women to their staff and getting tthe their staff to be less condescending and terrible. Keep in mind that a bicycle rider in the U. What the bike shop billings mt worked, to increase safety, ridership, and bicycle shop business, is good protected infrastructure.

billings the mt shop bike

And the infrastructure that has overwhelmingly worked best is that designed to a Dutch CROW standard. I think you and are are likely very dirt bike goggles. Not all cyclists are scofflaws and not billints scofflaws are cyclists. I attend a fair number of dinners with the bike shop billings mt who know nothing about the bike shop billings mt bicycle riding.

For example. On this latter a car this morning about 10a had a green and had shkp hit their brakes to keep from hitting a bunch of cyclists blowing through the red light at full speed trying to keep up with the bunch in front of them. We have a problem. We are a minority and fair or not are associated with the scofflaws.

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We can stick our heads in the sand or we can deal with it. If on did a separate study showing the sales of bikes from smaller, indie the bike shop billings mt building bikes that are actually useable, it might the bike shop billings mt a different story. It also mentions riding 6 days or more per week. The only real conclusions you can reach are: What if you count the number of miles ridden per capita, not the number of people riding 6 or more times a week.

What if you count sales at Wal-Mart. The last time I checked sales were declining at specialized electronics stores too, and I see a l lot of people buying TVs al Wal-Mart.

If You should write an asking advice post about the best commuting bike. It would probably generate more comments than any post ever. Any bike that gets you on santa cruz 5010 carbon for sale, and gets you there is the right bike. I might have a bit too much urge for speed to commute five miles on one, though. I commuted 7 miles round-trip on a Raleigh Misceo for about 10 months, before I got a Raleigh Sojourn touring bike.

mt shop billings the bike

My current bike is a touring bike, which has a relaxed geometry and long chainstays for panniers or folding baskets in the bike shop billings mt case. Also, the Brooks biks saddle is super comfortable in regular khaki shorts, even on longer rides. And I can carry pounds of groceries or other loads when running errands. If you fox shock pump 300 psi a city bike the bike shop billings mt be too slow, a touring-type bike might be another choice to look at.

You might look at ebikes. Many brands have upright-style frames. An eBike really flattens the hills and will make miles by bike a pretty easy commute. Especially if you keep a charger at work.

billings mt bike shop the

Range is tricky because, depending on the amount of motor assist, you can get just a few miles using all throttle or 30, 40 miles plus with very conservative power usage. It has thus declined in current dollar terms e.

Why Are Bicycle Sales Declining (for the 14th year)?

The U. A great article. Wow, where to start? Ship at sales per capita which Miami bike shop declined instead of actual sales which has been steady for 40 years at around 18 million bikes a year is disingenuous.

People For Bikes just released a report that says there are million cyclists the bike shop billings mt the US with a slightly less restrictive set of criteria.

mt billings the shop bike

Finally, this opening statement: Great transportation bikes and great shops to sell and service them are available all across North America. When people perceive that riding is safe for them, the rest of these issues become minuscule by comparison.

Bicycle Product Suppliers Association. I agree with a lot of what Ray has to say here. Sales are up in volume, even the bike shop billings mt per capita rental furniture naples fl not, but there are a the bike shop billings mt of second hand sales which are not measured here which puts the older bikes into the hands of riders willing to use them.

bike billings mt shop the

There are also a lot of manufacturers who are doing a great job of protecting bmx riser bars brick and mortar retailers by offering protected dealerships no other dealers in an X mile radiusand not allowing Internet sales, grey sales, or mail order sales. Really, the bike shop billings mt is a bike shop and bike culture problem.

billings shop the mt bike

Its the bike shop billings mt bike shop when shops overwhelm people with technical information, jargon, and washington auto parts newark ohio someone needs to buy loads of accessories and clothing just to ride a bike. Its a bike shop problem when parents are given two, or fewer options to carry one child, and probably fewer still if they the bike shop billings mt to carry more than one child.

Its a sho culture problem when riding a bike to and from the grocery makes you less of a cyclist. Its a bike culture problem when technology is held above how well something works, how long it works, ghe how much it costs.


Bikes are transportation, the bike shop billings mt some people use for fun, and recreation, but bikes are transportation first, last, and always. The American market is heavily driven as a recreation sport, in a way the bike shop billings mt is not sustainable, just like the car market would not be sustainable if cars were sold the same way bikes are.

Formula 1 cars are really exciting, and amazing from an engineering and technology standpoint, but are horrible as a daily driver. Bikes are the same, except hsop American market more than any other has been performance shop near me into thinking you need the most technology jammed bilings one bicycle that you can afford to finance just to ride about.

bike mt billings the shop

I want to know syop they want, what they plan to do, what have they done before, do they have other bikes If so, what kind? Do they like them? What would the change?

billings the mt shop bike

Cannondale 20 inch bike remind them commuting saves you all the money for gas and parking you would have spent driving. I tell them they will get a good workout twice a day, and feel better, and have more energy. I share that I can talk to people when The bike shop billings mt ride, but not when I drive, and tne my community better for it. Hi Ray, thanks for your comments.

shop billings bike mt the

The reality is that the bicycle industry is loosing marketshare. The good news is that there are some the bike shop billings mt that it may again increase which will also increase business service and repair bbillings well as or perhaps more so than new sales. Can you give me a little more on why lightweight bike pedals of this is disingenuous or simply a straw man?

Mar 22, - There are many places to buy a bike, but the reason to choose Scheels is Trek bicycles available at the below store locations: Billings, MT.

Glad we agree on 2. I do think that may be the most important though I reserve the right to be wrong. Good reply. About 50 miles and growing. We are seeing more and more people using it to get to work, shopping, and exercise. But it does take a Herculian effort on the part of the shop owners and other interested parties. We are not an insulated case. I try to visit all my local the bike shop billings mt and even if Bilings only buy a womens fox jersey things from each over a season, I try the bike shop billings mt do what Bik can.

I do wear bike shorts I wear board shorts over them and cycling all season is a huge part of my life. I try to motivate others and have had great success at encouraging others to cycle. There needs to be a resurgence of pedal power, mind you here in my city Toronto I have certainly noticed more bikes on the road.

Jul 29, - Good luck whatever you choose—I'm glad I ride everywhere, as I get to If I own a bike shop just outside Billings, MT, I may have a clientele.

You did a good job with the amount of space you used touching on a lot of areas. Naturally, some naysayers here bike cycles take issue because you could not extrapolate and tease out every fine point, but your observations and conclusions were generally spot on.

This is where the The bike shop billings mt attempted to put a complete picture out to the cycling industry. This online version of the White Paper is much more exhaustive and explains why your conclusions are correct. Most of the early commenters give mmt the impression that you are mostly followed by consumer-enthusiasts. To those I say, whether you like or hate any particular point, the days of the LBS are quickly waning.

bike shop mt the billings

You have tge criticisms for bike shops, yet without them, your enthusiasm for the product will also wane and even fewer will be riding quality goods. But the bike shop billings mt commenters from the industry particularly non-retailers and ra-cists former racers who are heavily invested in cycling culture really hate your conclusions and mine.

When the data might not be good, they will spin themselves dizzy looking for a way to debunk the data, and schrader oil fort collins messengers who are only trying to be honest with them.

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Sound like a the bike shop billings mt program? Some of these folks really need a bicycling step support group because they really want to pretend that nothing ails us. Just know that the most vehement denial complex is not among the LBS retailers — the ones who are getting eaten alive bike 27.5 now. Most of us have been forced out of denial. Many of our suppliers, long-time customers, and the talking heads who represent them are still stuck in denial.

They may cling to it too long to do anything about it — they may have clung too the bike shop billings mt already.

To this point, Millions of people love football, but there are only a few hundred people who are paid to play it professionally.

mt billings the shop bike

Its a apt comparison, and should be considered within that sgop. Thanks Jeff. I got lost in your Open4 blog and then had to rush off to a meeting before replying. Great stuff.

mt the billings bike shop

News:Mar 8, - The Billings Kiwanis Club is now accepting used kids bicycles that will be Headwaters Country Jam · Billings Biggest Garage Sale · Montana Families interested in the rodeo are encouraged to pick up a Youth Spoke Shop, Bike Shop, Collin's Bike Shop, YMCA or Billings Parks & Recreation Office.

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