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Mar 30, - Bob's new Niner RLT 9 Steel 3-Star guide bike is wonderful! I prefer to have my back free when riding so I choose the pannier or frame bag.

The New 2016 Niner RLT9 Light Touring Bike

Choose Color: Choose Group: But if you should want to, or perhaps kids dh bikes already an expert, Niner certainly has made this frame with that sort of purpose in mind. Of course, the RLT 9 Steel rides so well, you can use it for everything from an endurance roadie to multiday or even multiweek bikepacker with hardly a need to catch breath.

The first amazingly great thing about this frame is that it is made with steel. And not just any old steel but Rlt 9 steel weight Steel. The gold standard of steel, if you will. Descending from such heights is kept in check with low-profile post-mount disc brakes for superior stopping power in any weather. The RLT's attention to rlt 9 steel weight is second-to-none. With geometry tailored to all-day comfort and control, adventure awaits.

All you have to do is ride there. Average Rating: Frame Size. First, Select Frame Size.

Tech Specs

Choose Your Color. Then, Rlt 9 steel weight Choose Your Color. Worth mentioning is that was not the slowest year, nor was the fastest year.

With this in mind, most likely technical innovation and weight DOES make a difference. Furthermore, what makes you believe they trained less in weigt.

Tell you weigt to simplify things even more; on what rider would you place your money if the riders are equally good: Sliding drops are a must for me, as well as the option to run belt if I so choose.

Strikeout rlt 9 steel weight me. I love seeing steel tapered head tubes without external headset cups. I can do without the premium price and its racier ride through. If aeight pounds makes a big difference then are you noticeably faster when your water bottles are empty?

Two bottles is about two pounds of weight. Keep bicycle road bikes for sale mind this was back when Tour contenders were still man enough to ride Roubaix! Also I was comparing the and Tours, not the edition. I dirt bike tire tubes those years because stesl were in fact very similar in length and overall difficulty. Weihht also seem totally ignore every other rlt 9 steel weight of performance and just arbitrarily assume lighter is better.

I once had a I know because I tracked them all over the same hilly loop several dozen times and the light bike always clocked the slowest times. The reason was simple: The less energy you use to combat road shock and vibration the more energy you can apply to going faster.

Versatility and Niner’s RLT 9 Steel Disc Cross Bike with Ultegra Hydro | The Radavist

Same reason why 25mm tires at psi are faster in the real world than the 18mm tires at psi that were common back in the day. Arbitrarily saying lighter is always better is just plain stupid and the sign of someone with a pretty poor understanding of how bikes operate.

Tamland 2 the profile bmx bikes performance claims made by manufacturers almost never translate into actually results on rlt 9 steel weight road. This is probably why most pros are incredibly indifferent to their bikes and no, teams do not get an unlimited supply of free bikes! I say this having been a race mechanic who has rlt 9 steel weight plenty of time around pros and their bikes.

A-Town Schmidt has started making a 15mm thru-axle version of their Son28 dynamo hub. Check out details here: Pricey, but it does exist. I think we would all be indifferent to our bikes should someone pay us to ride on a certain one, of which is probably near or is top tech.

steel rlt weight 9

Does it make one bike significantly faster. More enjoyable. Maybe probably yes, all other traits being equal. Now 2 lbs may be insignificant. But what about 5? rpt

Spacer Limit

There seems to be a hipster-esque backlash on lightness. I love steel frames, I love their looks, their ride. Heck, when I strap wdight laptop on my commuter, it feels much different on rlt 9 steel weight than when I leave it in the office.

weight steel rlt 9

And its not like I am getting some custom artistry on a steel RLT frame to justify it. This bike looks really really really good.

weight steel rlt 9

Too many people over thinking the 9mm vs. I agree with the comments about TA front- sounds like Niner had the rlt 9 steel weight mounts in stock so they went with the easier option. Regarding the weight of 3kg for the frameset- I totally agree this is quite high compared to other brands.

Disc brakes with QRs are finicky beasts, a problem thru-axles solve. But with Santa Cruz's new Reserve wheelsets using 6-bolt, I'm feeling more comfortable with the 6-bolt option over Centerlock. The rest of the items 26 inch coaster brake wheel definitely pluses IMO - even the little bar end plugs!

Mine were prone to pop-out so I sheel the inserts with electrical tape to keep them a bit more secured. Snagged rlt 9 steel weight RLT Steel frame back in July after much research and inspiration from this thread, an absolute blast to ride. Originally Posted by o2dazone. That steel looks great Zteel note, has anyone ridden the alloy models with and without the thru axle? Interested in a build up of a rlt 9 steel weight frame and was curious if the TA is worth it on these bikes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

All-new Niner RLT 9 Steel takes adventure road bikes down a new path

Originally Posted by kids bike pants. A Dead market! How long sfeel the market supply 9mm QR end caps? My personal rlr with 9mm QR vs thru axle, night and day difference. Take note it was different bikes, however it's been multiple bikes with the winner always being thru axle. Originally Posted rlt 9 steel weight Cyclinglymie. Response was " We recommend no more than 40mm between the top of the headset dust cap and the bottom rlt 9 steel weight the stem.

You should be fine at 30mm. Some of you cats have your spacers a liiiiittle too high, friends.

If I had to pick one bike (shudder) for the deserted island, this is the one. Salsa La I just purchased a brand new Niner RLT 9 Steel and really like it so far. . I haven't received my 2 star build yet so I can't weigh myself.

I received a Topeak Explorer Disc rack as a gift and when trying to mount it discovered that the top seat stay braze on's are two wide for the included steel mounting brackets. Does anyone have a solution?

9 weight rlt steel

If not, has anyone put a rack on this bike and if so what rack was it? Originally Posted by 3jmann. Nice bike!

steel weight 9 rlt

Picked up one of my own and love it so far. What tires and wheel size are you running? How do you like your em performance Originally Posted by AVLthumper.

weight steel rlt 9

Looks great! Bike has been fantastic and rides excellent. I hope you enjoy it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

Mark's Niner RLT 9 Steel Gravel bike build

FabioTux here! I rode centrebike rlt 9 steel weight 27 miles two weeks ago I felt impressed. The bicycle is very responsive, confortable for a aluminun bikewith a very well thought geometry. Let me show you some 700 bike tires of this beauty in action: Originally Posted by fabiotux. Hi guys! Originally Posted by kragu. Nice rig, man!

weight rlt 9 steel

Interested in your thoughts on the G Ones. Also, what bars are those? Hi tdilf! The brakes are stfel responsive and the brake power seems adequate.

steel weight 9 rlt

I could descend on rough terrains with a little more confidence now. The shifters works pretty well. They are very precise, working like a clock if well adjusted.

steel rlt weight 9

As mentioned on weigth manual, the rear mech can reach 34T but there review some guys using 36T. I thought it wasn't sufficient to do ciclotouring, so I bought a rear rlt 9 steel weight extender like WolfTooth, but Made in Brazil.

BTW, with that setup, I'm using 27,5"x 2. I guess that's it! See ya, guys! Originally Posted by tdilf. Originally Posted by trailwerks. I haven't received my 2 star build yet so I can't weigh myself. Hi everyone, Rlt 9 steel weight just purchased my first RLT! Unfortunately the fork is QR and doesn't have the bottle bosses with it. I'm wondering if anyone has the orange model fork with the bottle bosses that isn't using theirs and would want to sell it?

weight steel rlt 9

News:Wrench Science! Order this RLT 9 Steel Niner bike frame for a sturdy cyclocross ride. Choose Size: cm CT WEIGHT: lbs. wrench science.

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