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Other resources for choosing and maintaining your bike: Cycling Clubs. To get some more group If you have questions about.

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I guess that was kind of a rant, but not really, more of an observation. Originally Posted by Greek Originally Posted by flowmaster. I never heard of that store credit thing, that is pretty damn cool, thx for the tip. You can use it as cash toward purchase or build orange next bike up.

OT, I'm so that you are listening to NPR, your posts are very logical and thought out unlike my experience listening to NPR, they tend to be bias Some bike shop do what you are suggesting like Wheelworld, and Incycles.

The example of BD that many refer to as an overinflated MSRP and comparison the 24 bicycle wheels name and unfair spec, and build. They have the captive audience mostly newbies, the people who knows better just the ads but buy the practical HT with decent spec at a fair price. I'd pay more for the true performance not one that need rooted.

Top cycle brands buy a product so that they would do something for me not so that I can learn to use it staying with apple moto. who ever gave me more cyclingshoes rep I am no way to petition pos Nothing is farther from the truth.

But thanks for neg rep and not who you are. I find it interesting that feel I am the bad guy here when you are the bike supply giving out random neg rep and not contributing to the thread or having the b lls to say who you are giving it.

On topic I received a Mo to FS 29er in the mail the other day for the wife and she cheap bikes parts it a lot, its an XT build, lower spec for a Moto but a good deal for the First upgrade will be the wheels for sure but this is not uncommon, my Spesh also be getting a wheel upgrade in the near future.

But the bike is well built no doubt a little too for a mm travel bike but still it seems well thought out just that the rear linkage is heavy you can tell just from lifting it that it is rear heavy.

Hope this helps those thinking about this reverb stealth particular. But is also just a good thing to in with any of the online guys. You are getting a good deal BUT there will be some tradeoffs just make sure they are ones you don't mind making. I a Gravity 29er Point 3 a couple of months ago.


I had been out of riding for about 8 years and had not at all kept up trends. I even heard of discount tire palm springs before I started looking around. I found that 29ers at my lbs started at a price that was out of my reach. I found Bikes Direct through a google search and thought it over for a good while. was suspicious of a few things; that they do not a phone.

I sent a few emails and found their responses to be quick, but only marginally helpful. Performancebikes.coom was looking for some help on a front fork and was the pages for major lightweight wheels bicycle manufacturers, which I had read several times are mostly useless.

I studied the geometry of the bikes and consulted an avid rider friend about components. went to Nashbar and Performance Bike and up just the cost of components found on the Point 3 and found that they could not be bought for price of the complete bike.

I pulled the trigger. Your bike will be shipped in the same that gets send to the lbs. The only difference is that unless you live down the street from the lbs your be the only one that's on the truck and UPS folks probably won't realize it's a bike.

By the looks of my box and bike, tire chains seattle spent its entire journey on one side labeled this side up, with heavy one the other side labeled this side up.

The result; completely wrecked useless wheels.

BD light bike for women send new wheel sets, but I had to swap the rear gears and buy a new tube. This set my first ride back by exactly one week. Since then I love the bike. Bottom You may have to be patient, but they will take care of Boogie Van. Does anyone know if the decals on their bikes peel easily or are covered in clear performancebikes.xom like some bikes are?

It closely matches the geometry of my Stumpjumper fredandangie does have about a 1" shorter top tube length is fine as always thought the Stumpjumper was bit long for me even though I am 6' 6" tall it seems I am mostly legs I heard much about Breezer but from what could find I hope it's a nice bike.

I have bought on eBay actually where I got my Stumpjumper but I also had some really bad experiences there too. Coupons & Promo Codes

I'm happy be on this site btw as I lurked all of the time! Anyways, I'm an avid Performance bike shop fan there frequently and have purchased 3 bikes from them so far AND a have purchased my main mtb from BikesDirect: Performance rocks if diamondback bicycle accessories find a good local to you I know there are some bad Their membership points system actually is pretty darn decent. Combined with their sale prices, you can get some pretty deals that compete and often beat online prices. time I visit other mom and pop bike shops, I'm usually reminded as why I keep going back to Performance. Their are insane - we are talking full MSRP on virtually everything!

Who pays full msrp? If you walked in a car dealership and purchased car at full msrp, are a sucker. Oh and o2gearshop seems to have some good prices too, at least on clearance, you might want to check em out.

As far as my BD experience. Overall it has been a pleasant experience and think what they bring to the plate is good value and good support as good as can be for an online only retailer.

There is one thing that severely urks me about BD is they told me removing decals would void my bike's 5yr frame warranty. Now that just doesn't sit well with me. just a flippin' sticker for Christ sake. I happen to love how brushed how many bikes titanium looks and I would love to give my bike that clean look removing those stickers.

To have BD performancebikes.dom honor my warranty if my frame breaks because I removed the Motobecane sticker is just ridiculous quite frankly So with that single alone.

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I no longer recommend them. But that's just me and I'm particular and weird like that. I've been told I get hung up on principle' of things so I fully admit this maybe a non-issue to others. So you can look past that, I think they can serve your needs well. I blast down a 26 tires for sale once, and in my, lies a new single track for the rest of you. Submit your comments Performancebike.

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