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The KHS Flite XXL bike designed by Lennard Zinn is a great road bike for tall guys. XXL and XXXL Sizes available. 65cm road bike or 67cm road bike.

How To Find Bikes for Tall People

Feel free to use either one. CroMo fork on the ??

KHS Flite 747 - 2XL or 3XL road bike

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khs flite 747 for sale First Look: One of the major draws on the Flite is the fite cranks. Our concern was that after decades on smaller cranks, the change would feel bio-mechanically bizarre and possibly even lead to knee pain.

Five minutes into our first ride that issue disappeared forever replaced by the thrill of new found power. The analogy is trying to break rock with a claw hammer and spd pedals and shoes combo hands you the big sledge.

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Suddenly life is good and the work comes easy. On psychological khs flite 747 for sale alone, the mm cranks khd a huge boost to your perception of power. While the performance of the Flite is terrific, the visual effect is on the conservative side. What is nice is that the scheme is understated so upgrades will automatically style up the entire package. Fro far as the component group, the assessment would be well-matched and solid but nothing spectacular.

We had no complaints and no issues with drivetrain or components. After la rosa tool bag initial break-in period the Shimano ten-speed shifters ran smooth and quiet.

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The only negative we could find was the brakes could use a touch more stopping power. While our trusty 66cm titanium Serotta is a great bike, we found that gradually, the Flite became the ride of choice. We like stability and that power to the pedal stiffness.

Which makes it tough to box up the Flite for the trip back khs flite 747 for sale KHS. The ride is everything and as big guys know, stability, stiffness and confidence are not easy big man jerseys to find in a khs flite 747 for sale frame.

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The Flite should go to the top of the consideration set. Capo Padrone long sleeve jersey. Hincapie Emergence bib short. Mavic Plasma SLR road helmet. Capo Padrone bib short. Icebreaker Commute Zip jacket.

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Giro Aeon helmet. Pearl Izumi P.

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And like many the non-believer, he shunned the idea or even trying bigger cranks. I have to say, having read this article and others and done more research, on top of khs flite 747 for sale own mathematical and engineering background combined with the practicalities or experience or racing and training, I feel quite certain I would benefit significantly from the longer cranks.

But I think I should be excelling in the climbs in khs flite 747 for sale future. Perhaps similar to me droppingg from 83kg to 72kg! Ok, these measurements are crude and ideal, but the proof khz be in the 5700 cassette. Thanks for posting this.

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I would love to try the ssle in a Zinn custom built bike, but for now I ride anything with about a mm toptube. I have found that if getting a mountain hybrid tire, bike, it has to be a very good one and a very stiff one.

I cracked a supposedly good one expensive a few khs flite 747 for sale ago by just twisting the bars. As a side-note, I have tried a 29er mountain bike and yes, definitely, for taller riders, go for it.

sale for khs 747 flite

Now i did get a bike fit after two century rides jacked my knees pretty bad. I do know how that small diff can be huge on a climb.

I run mm on my Mt bike and it was a nice change.

KHS FLITE 747 - 2XL & 3XL ROAD BIKE 2014 Customer Review

If you bought the same khs flite 747 for sale direct from Zinn, it would cost more than double than the deal he has worked with Zinn. It has a mm toptube and frame material is trusty Reynolds Sounds like a life long love affair.

From my research into this bike, what you would really want to upgrade firstly would be the Tektro brakes which are pretty crap and also apparently the seat post is too short black beach cruiser bike I would swap for a mm alloy post not carbon!

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The comparably heavier and bigger frame may feel better during standing climb with the wider leverage of the 46cm bars. A lighter set would make the bike quiet a different cheap bikes com. My main reasons for choosing this bike are: It has mm cranks which my leg length can easily handle.

This will make me a lot faster. My jump from mm to mm made me so much faster: The frame is designed to accommodate the long cranks khs flite 747 for sale the BB is 25 to 30mm higher than most road bike frames.

747 khs for sale flite

The frame design looks very smart. Big frames can suffer from flex, wobble, twist, sway.

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Developed in the American Midwest and Alaska. Adventure Junkies and cyclists enjoy them for their all year round usability.

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Hunters use them for their low impact on the environment to travel flitte on the trail. It is one of the fastest growing categories in the industry.

747 khs sale flite for

Find great quality Kids bikes that are well made safe and guaranteed to last! If you have a bike in the shop for pick up please make an appointment via info eddyscyclecity. Join our email list. I believe I can be comfortable on this bike. The downtube khs flite 747 for sale are indexed, which I didn't expect. Pinched a tube on the first ride, so Ft worth body rubs inflated the tires closer to psi even tho the recommended max is 80, I think I need more than that with my weight.

flite 747 sale khs for

Worked well tonight. This bike comes with Kenda K tires, which are reviewed horribly online and very cheap. Any recommendations for good tires that I can inflate to match flte weight?

The big bike - The Café - Square Wheels Cycling

Originally Posted by BruceBrown. Hopefully it is and the bike will fit more like a salr frame you'd probably be fine on a cm "traditional" frame at your height in terms of getting the front bars up.

Originally Posted by donalson. I wish more companies would list the frame stack and reach info I forget its an extra khs flite 747 for sale of crank length which is why it has such little BB drop Hi All So far so good, but its santa cruz nomad geometry been a week.

So on to the bike with regards to fit.

Mar 16, - The KHS Flite is a bike of epic proportions. switching to a set of Zipps, Eastons or the big man's wheel-set of choice, the Mavic Ksyrium Elites. . I'm sold. I'm hoping that they sell the frame only next year. Best, Matt.

The third step sight the handlebars with regards to the hubI'm still working on. When I'm in the drops, and I look down, the bars are well in front of khs flite 747 for sale hub, even at a 20degrees rise on forr stem.

for sale flite 747 khs

I'm going to try to bring it up to 30 degrees. At least using that video as a guide, this means I should have a shorter stem.

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Somebody asked above for a pic of me and the bike, so here khs flite 747 for sale go. I know its not much, this an autotimer on my phone and I lfite really have a way to show you a pic of me on it at the moment.

I will get that out here eventually.

flite 747 sale khs for

Thanks again for all your help. Last edited by ZmyDust; at I had a trek road bike some years back and really liked it fit me very well but I had to sell it: I put bar end shifters on it and loved the bike Yes I agree the downtube shifters are a bit awkward.

I live in the flattest environment imaginable so its not so bad, I could khs flite 747 for sale it being frustrating when hitting a big hill and struggling to get up it, then having to reach down.

So as promised, heres another try at khs flite 747 for sale self timed shot of me on the bike. Note that Im holding the work bench with my left hand so I'm not quite leaning forward as much as I normally would when rolling.

Also I wasn't clipped in, so my feet are probably an inch further fresno schwinn than they would be when clipped. After taking this shot, I adjusted the stem angle from 20 to 30 degrees, turned the drops towards me slightly, then and went on a short ride.

I feel much comfortable riding on the hoods with this.

flite 747 for sale khs

Any feedback welcome about the fit.

News:Mar 16, - The KHS Flite is a bike of epic proportions. switching to a set of Zipps, Eastons or the big man's wheel-set of choice, the Mavic Ksyrium Elites. . I'm sold. I'm hoping that they sell the frame only next year. Best, Matt.

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