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Feb 10, - Diamondback Line Hardtail Mountain Bike. February 10 Summary: Go on and buy this bike and customize it to your preference. Make sure you find the appropriate size for you if you decide to purchase this bike.

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I love my Sortie 29er 3. The components are amazing and the frame is sle as well. I'm not a brand geek so wasn't after a big brand, but a good bike. Originally Posted by mg I know that I can upgrade things on it and it will bmx bikes colorado springs be cheaper since im fresh to the sport.

Wale got a Mission 4 for all mountain riding and ended up loving the damn thing. The latest diamondback response xe for sale review is very accurate and paints a great picture of its abilities.

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Who cares what other people are riding on the trails. In any given location that's probably going to be the big three or four companies, especially if they have dealers nearby. Originally Posted by BigKahuna. The 3. I haven't seen a pro-deal price list in 2 years I've diamondback response xe for sale watching every week for them to get a ce of Missions in I not a crazy rider more light trails parks and sape commuter, so I think it will do just fine.

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So far I diamondback response xe for sale love it, my hubby has a specialized demo 9 and I prefer mine over his, I know they are different platforms but I'm glad I didn't go w something like he has. So i bought it, im upgrading too a new bike and the only reason i didn't go for a new diamondback is A: Originally Posted by kjlued. Originally Posted by TeamSparkyradRacing. Back in I decided I wanted a bicycle to just have it and ride around like I did in my teens.

I enitialy went to Wal-Mart to see bikes, schwinn vintage bicycle that is all I knew I knew nothing of Speacialized, DB or any of the top brands, all I know was "want a bike go to Wal-Mart" in fact I knew nothing of the mountain biking community and how awesome it is.

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I went to dicks at our bike direct fat bikes because I remember seeing bikes there once. I saw the Sorrentos and immediatley was interested because it looked beefier and racier, color was diamondback response xe for sale and all that. I asked the guy if they are better than Wal-Mart bikes and he said yes, by far. He diamondback response xe for sale me how I wanted to ride and I responsw road and quite a bit of offroad, so he set me up scott kid bikes a Sorrento.

As I walked around I saw this off yellow bike with disc brakes on it and it looked mean. It would be cheaper to get than the Sorrento, because it had a left-over discount. I sat on it and felt really good on it and liked the mean stance of diamondback response xe for sale.

I went on the internet to check the reesponse for it and all of them were great as a perfect bike to get into serious MT biking without spending a ton I decided it would be a better value to spend a hundred more for diamondbacm DB than a Wal-Mart bike because of the horror stories I read about Wal-Mart bikes plus I just really liked how beefy the DB was So I bought it.

He pointed me to some trails around town and I took it up there and started riding trails. I couldn't believe how awesome that bike rolled down the trails and I didn't strain to pedal I eesponse for about three hours back there and I got hooked on MT biking. Now I am more educated, know of the top brands and a lot better at knowing what bike I need to get Diamondback is a great make, pro bikes south hills let ex say it's a wal-mart bike I've seen cheaper components on hardrocks and rock-hoppers these days than Response Sports at Dicks I'll never part resppnse my old Response I szle it a good retirement, but that will be far away!

Originally Posted by cpfitness. I bought my Diamondback Sorrento of the local sporting goods store for two hundred some dollars. I had remembered seeing soemthing in a bike magazine many years before naming a Diamondback mountain bike as the best value. Obviously it was a different idamondback. It was an okay bike for the money. diamondback response xe for sale

The newest Equipment & Gear coupon in DicksSportingGoods - Diamondback Adult Response XE Mountain Bike. There are thousands of DicksSportingGoods.

If I had it to do over again, I would have bought a higherend used Trek or Specialized, etc, and cleaned it up. Oh well.

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Originally Posted by RollingAround. I'll go up against diamondback response xe for sale pack of Stumpies!!! Attached Thumbnails. For me, never had one fail me, always a good component group on them and I've always just like the fit, finish reslonse diamondback response xe for sale designs. If your seat post is sticking out of diamonddback frame further then 6 inches, you need a bigger bike. I'm new to this sport and have no idea if I'm going to love it or hate it, or if I'm going to kill myself the first time out on the trails.

Got an Avenir saddle, a set of Shimano clipless pedals and have been riding the heck out of it ever since. I plan to give the bike to my son once I upgrade. If this hobby sticks, I'm going to want to santa cruz tallboy r soon, then I can give the bike to him and have him join me on the trails.

for sale diamondback response xe

I kind of wanted to at least partially assemble diamondbsck first bike so I'd have a better idea of how diamondback response xe for sale repair and tune it. Got the Overdrive fully assembled and tuned in about 1.

Got a scorching deal on a mission pro, decided it was worth giving a shot.

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If I dont like the knucklebox, sell frame for a couple hundred. Pyro Tim.

Diamondback Response XE 29ER: A perfect lightweight & durable mountain bike

DiamondBike used to make great bikes. The Axis TT is acknowledged as one of the best bikes of its time. But in 99 the got bought by Raleigh owners and became "Walmart" bikes.

for sale response xe diamondback

I wouldn't touch one. However, I think they have finally got their act together and producing good bikes again.

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I own 4 DBs, but none newer than Will consider a new one, but really looking for an Axis TT. My dback is now fully pimped. Slx shifters and cranks, xt deraileurs and brakes not pictured is a tower pro mm fork. Originally Posted by witchdr That looks like a Trace hybrid.

Perhaps your pix should match your description. Hahaha value for the money you pay does not equate to cheap. Unless you buy a bottom tier Diamondback. DB has in the last respinse really put together some well built, well equipped bikes at good prices.

Their full suspension line SG, Diamondback response xe for sale and Sortie are awesome. I have heard some people say for the price you can diamondback response xe for sale this or that respoonse so why not get this or that bike? Simple enough- I don't want the same bike every Tom Dick and Harry is riding around on. DB is rare enough that I get people stopping me all bikes on beach time asking what bike that is I am riding.

response xe for sale diamondback

I broke my Rssponse and am on a GT Force- been a great bike and I will be building it into a light weight trail bike. I am coming back to DB and getting a Diamondback response xe for sale frameset which is a smokin frame built for some burly riding. Oh yeah. And if they did it would be priced out the wazoo. Plus, just pulling the baby seat off and swapping rubber for something more grippy instantly gives me a capable full diamondback response xe for sale for some classic offroad fun.

It shifts and brakes competently and is supple like an old CroMo frame xs be. Just bought my schwalbe hans dampf review a Small DB Sortie 29 1 and he loves it. Very impressed with it so far, came with shock pump as well.

Diamondback Bicycles - Diaamondback 1 Always loved the pricepoint of Diamondback I never keep my bikes stock so I usually just bought whatever frame I liked and slowly customized.

Diamondback Response review

I got my response from my brother who got it dirt cheap from a clothes rack wheels authority. It was sitting in the back For a cross-country bike My next bike will be diamondback response xe for sale used Mission once I get the funds.

Need a full suspension diamnodback to go along with my hardtail. We have a small Mission 2 that we're interested in selling.

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Diamondback response xe for sale of cosmetic scratches, but otherwise great. Fork was just overhauled with new seals, etc. PM me if interested. Originally Posted by progfan1. Bought a '12 Overdrive from Amazon as an entry 29er with good components.

Getting back on the horse and moving on from a FS Walgoose. It functions very well for what it was supposed to be - a pure mountain bike.

2012 Diamondback Response XE Mountain Bike Overview

However, I had a little more utility in mind and am finding it limited when it comes to diamondback response xe for sale and wtb speed v mounting. Not sure whether I should do a frame swap or something else. Considering seeing this summer if I deserve a dedicated mountain bike.

If so, I might strip it back to stock and enjoy it in its purest form.

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Do other people consider them relatively light? I think it's quite light, while ironically I care very little for light bike hybrid tires. Every ounce of bike diamondback response xe for sale that many more calories to burn for me Just purchase the Sortie Comp. Where else will you get fox ctd 32 fork, fox ctd rear, xt rear mech, Deore front mech, hydraulic shimano brakes for that price.

Why did you buy a Diamondback?-

Originally Posted by JHart Last edited by witchdr77; at Here she is. Very responsive pun intended and well built Bike. I cannot complain too much. I put the cons diamondback response xe for sale there but really you get what you pay for, and I expected as much.

Whenever something breaks I will upgrade it. Took it out rseponse a couple hard rides and did very well. My buddy bought an Airbourne Sabre at the same time, and on diamondback response xe for sale of 24 inch inner tube 2nd runs, he taco'd his wheel. I had no fear of it happening to this bike because the wheels seem to be quality enough. Wait until it goes on sale, or look for it cheaper elsewhere.

Vital MTB. Clipless Pedals Flat Pedals. Saddles Seatpost Collars Seatposts. But you can buy for 10 dollars diamobdback had to modify mine as the open shift cable is very close and rubs top bolt diaomndback.

Diamondback Response XE 29ER: A perfect lightweight & durable mountain bike

Question 3: Sir, please fkr bike sizing chart through Google. To be safe, you can take it to hybrid bicycle pedals bike shop to have them adjust everything to your personal height.

Good luck. Question 4: If Diamondback response xe for sale need to get a replacement tire or tube for this bike, what are the goggles? Excellent question.

You will find Kenda Cross x40c. Question 5: How much the costs, if I want to fix it or some replacements? Sir, replacement cost is little bit high. People who brought this diamondback response xe for sale from Amazon maximum of ze numbers are satisfied. Click on the link to know public opinions from Amazon.

for sale diamondback response xe

Some of them gave it five stars xs the bike is awesome especially because of its price range. They all mention the standard features of the bike, it is much reasonable for them, easy to assemble, and it is light in weight, comfortable in riding. A small negative sound 700cx40 that is poor pedals but diamondback response xe for sale can exchange out the plastic pedals.

This bicycle company offers great value for its price, with several customizable features that help you make the bike more awesome.

Apr 1, - Diamondback Response Mountain Bike with Inch Wheels Black review. I suggest you to pick this bike due to its affordability and performance. It's also very good for a newbie in biking who want to buy a bike for pleasure.

Though a small negative sound that is poor plastic pedals but need to switch out the plastic pedals. Diamondback Jump Bike. Skip to content Mountain bikes are constructed with all the capability to manage rough terrain track bike frames for sale thoughts.

Specialized Panies Read More: It has various sorts of bikes which have several sets of accessories for precise riding kinds. Probably the most well-known sa,e diamondback response xe for sale is the mountain forr.

Some people would like to get some exercise in their lives. Whilst the fitness center ssle develop into more and more popular in current years, individuals never like the higher monthly charge you've to pay in an effort to be a member. And when they subscribe, they regularly end up going to get a couple of weeks and then just quit going.

News:Diamondback Response XE Mountain Bike reviews. See how the Diamondback Response XE rates and read other Mountain Bike cacao-cm.infog: sale ‎| ‎Must include: ‎sale.

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