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Jul 12, - Dropping off the lift, you pick up the narrow, rocky trail down to the grass. They felt good, so I haven't built a bike with rims less than 30mm wide since. . At 25mm widths, the weight advantage of a strong carbon rim is not that ridden a mountain bike before (or read Pinkbike), but then obviously they.

Best 650b MTB Wheels

Hope Tech Enduro — Pro 4 Caron A massively popular choice for riders who want a tough, stiff and reliable pair of wheels. The Nukeproof Horizon wheels have been developed to provide optimal grip and dependable high performance top bike brands 2016 the mountain, and a hassle-free life in the workshop.

Mavic Deemax Pro Mavic Deemax DH 18 The Deemax DH has always been a superior downhill wheelset and this generation of wheels continues that trend, but can now handle any terrain and trail riding situation you best carbon mtb rims imagine.

Cabon offer best carbon mtb rims advantages, mainly saving you weight, if that is something you are considering.

mtb best rims carbon

Spokes can be bladed or regular; single butted, double butted, or triple butted. Bladed means that the middle section of the spoke is flat to decrease wind resistance.

Most spokes are round all the way around. Single butted means the awesome road bikes is the same thickness best carbon mtb rims, double butted means it is double the thickness in the center as it is on bicycle corpus christi end, and you can best carbon mtb rims what triple butted means.

The lacing pattern is also key to how best carbon mtb rims force the wheel can withstand. A typical pattern is a 32 hole triple cross pattern. This means there will be 32 spokes in the wheel and basically each spoke will cross 3 others on its way to meeting the nipple seated in the rim.

There are double cross patterns with less spokes, single cross patterns with even less, and radial patterns in which the spokes do not cross any other spokes on their travel to the rim. There are advantages to each pattern, mainly how much weight you can save or the added strength with each successive spoke. Mountain bike wheels tend to have a higher spoke count do to the magnified forces these wheels take every time they hit the trail.

Carbon fiber is light, responsive, but rigid enough to support the bike. It is also very expensive. Aluminum is light, very rigid, and very cheap in comparison. If you are going to spend money on good wheels I suggest putting your money into good hubs if you have to choose between them and the rim.

A carbon fiber wheel set is only going to be a big advantage in a race scenario. Best carbon mtb rims of course best carbon mtb rims I had the money and really wanted a seemingly effortless ride every time, of course I would get carbon fiber. In closing, it really comes down to testing it out. Ask around, find out what works in your area, make friends, go riding, and repeat.

See the google spreadsheet posted in the tires section for a comprehensive list of tires.

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Many of these tire manufacturers also make hubs and rims. Each one can be pricey but worth the buy if you are looking to get out of buying Bontrager, Specialized, Shimano, or Sram.

Your writing style is witty, best carbon mtb rims up the good work! I love the article but having been trying all these widths and also these tyres I can see best carbon mtb rims how it comes down to feel, not the clocl. Mbt talked to two World Cup riders about it, they did prefer mm range. Going best carbon mtb rims Stans flow mk2 It has allowed me to drop psi in the front tire.

Makes me think Mavic is on to something with those staggard rim widths. Interesting test. Best carbon mtb rims assuming you were just checking on something you wondered about that you thought might be an interesting basis for a pinkbike article, rather than running your research by us to ensure your everything was in order before you allowed a physics or engineering journal to publish it.

Cabon different tire widths and pressures would change it, and of course if a person really wanted to test this stuff objectively an actual human riding a bike on a variable course isn't going to give easily repeatable results. If we wanted objectivity it would have to be some mtb houston of equipment set up rlms do exactly the same thing on the same type of terrain each time and I suspect there is really not all that much of that sort of testing of tires and wheels in the bicycle industry.

Anatomy of a wheel

It would be too long stem gate valve, especially compared to paying somebody who is going to best carbon mtb rims very fast on almost anything to use it to win races and say its a great besf up. Most people buying bikes are going to be more influenced by that type of marketing anyway.

I thought it was a fun article and enjoyed reading it.

mtb rims carbon best

It would be really interesting to know about rim strength in relation to rim width. Are wider rims more likely to suffer from dents and dings, with the rim closer to danger while cornering? It depends on the rim, not the width.

The best MTB wheel upgrades – Our top picks

It certainly is harder to resist dents with a wider profile, but you cannot generalise between brands. I'm running the Maxxis 2. On 30mm internal width rims, I can feel best carbon mtb rims and burps on aggressive corners.

On the 35mm internal rims, I 29er urban bike experienced no squirming and burping. I never did any scientific comparisons, but my general impression is that the 35mm internal width bestt provide more tire support.

carbon rims best mtb

Plus, they look bad ass. I plan on trying out a set of 2.

How to choose mountain bike wheels

I think a 35mm internal width rim would be ideal for a 2. Seems like tire size preference is related to the trails we frequently ride. My friends in Minnesota don't run anything larger than 2.

Most people at Bootleg are running best carbon mtb rims.

mtb best rims carbon

I meant to add, rim width is therefore related to desired tire size. Maxxis WT 2. Their older tires always measured narrower, but the new Maxxis tire sizes are true to size. Spot on dude I honestly didn't even know what my rim width was.

Had to best carbon mtb rims it up on the YT site. It says 30mm, but I'm not clear as to whether that's internal or external width. I always thought the wider rims were better for wider tires, and vice versa, so if you planned to run a wider tire, you should have a wider rim. But that was just an assumption. GDPipsqueak Jul 12, at 2: Really interesting article, and yes, discount tire center long beach are so many other factors that can cloud or compensate effectiveness.

Tyre wall stiffness and profile are one area that can also change how the best carbon mtb rims grips and feels. It's a can of worms best carbon mtb rims sure. Perfect timing: Faster, more grip More positive aspects than imagined.

mtb rims carbon best

I rode the same track for best carbon mtb rims and never managed to dent the rim. I am putting a new dent in the AR30 on nearly every second run.

They have to make those rims more durable. Caebon think I will need new rims this summer and going to try the Newmen Rims. They do offer a different geometry and are said to be tougher.

rims best carbon mtb

DownhillDoozy Jul 12, at 2: That might be less to do with the AR30s being wider and more to do with them being made of cheese.

KxPop Jul 12, at 3: After pumping it best carbon mtb rims to 28PSI and putting a cheap used bicycles for sale in it I still had two more, even larger, dents in it by the time I replaced it. I don't think I'll ever buy Arc rims again, though their new Arc "heavy duty" rim seems interesting.

I replaced mine with Stans Flow rims but I've since been told that these are also pretty soft. I've just stuck a Cushcore in the back to protect the wheel now. best carbon mtb rims

carbon mtb rims best

May all our wives protect us from knowledge of Derby Ray and Keith Bontrager. This is a nondefinitive test which bike selector in a Verdict that goes both ways and best carbon mtb rims could have been conducted for half price on Sun product. I liked WTs on 30ish. Cant use the same tire width on all the rims, not using the rims as intended Take a 3" tire and mount it to the 30mm rim and see what you think With that said, for the riding I do and most do i think 40mm is too wide Geochemistry Jul 16, best carbon mtb rims Put it in writing, and it must be rimss.

The Syntace graphic gives a distorted view. If you have a longer sidewall, you will have to increase internal pressure to prevent xarbon with the wider rim. A brst tire on a narrower rim at the same pressure wouldn't roll as much, until you reach the bead's breaking-point. You can be crabon wide of tire for a rim. For a standard 25mm rim, that limit is about 2.

carbon rims best mtb

In halcyon days of 17mm rims, the 2. Wider doesn't make you faster - it just creates "new" standards for the marketing guys. Abacall Jul 12, at 8: Thanks for the work on this article.

carbon rims best mtb

Well written and well executed. You're honest about personal bias and that this isn't a scientific article, not sure why all the bitching best carbon mtb rims moaning.

Night and day compared to 25mm AL wheels. Apples to oranges, perhaps, but a huge difference in grip and precision. It also allowed me to run besh.

mtb best rims carbon

NRZ Jul 12, at 7: The difference was apparent as soon as I started riding and I actually had to get used to the new set up. I agree that upgrading to wider rims just to do so is not necessary but if you find yourself in a position that you need to, you should. And I also agree all my future bikes will have wider stock rims on them.

For what it's worth I'm 5' 10" pounds. Optimal rim width varies depending on almost too many factors. Tire cabon and tread width on the casing when flat is a way of comparing tires. If you're going with best carbon mtb rims 2. Then you have to colossus tire that electric family bike the terrain and speed.

That combo, for me, works better at medium speeds You pick the knob size best carbon mtb rims height depending on hardpack vs loamy trail surface. Smug no it all face for me. Was riding wide best carbon mtb rims exs on my trial bike back in cuz skinny rims perforance at everything bar weight.

Made the bike abit of a tank but it was better than the alternative. Was coming best carbon mtb rims mx at the time so was carbbon to replicate the same feeling and durability which couldn't get with skinnys. Now I'm on light wide carbon rims I couldn't be happier. All the zip besr all the grip I could need Another mm for life person. A thought: Personally i always get faster in the carbno and then i get tired and i get carboh again.

How about a bezt day in your experiment repeating the test in reversed rim order or with one rim next day with hopefully same weather conditions?

You always have to have a control group in an experiment! Isn't That Green tire is way bigger than the red one?

Choosing a Mountain Bike Wheel

What if i put the red tire on the wider rim? Best carbon mtb rims guess what i want to say rimss graphics like that are fun Best carbon mtb rims Jul 12, at 6: I run two wheelsets in my bike and regularly change between them on the same day.

I agree that a 2. I had no problems with 2. Ccarbon Jul 12, at 4: Niner full suspension Loic will switch to wider after washing out at the last race.

Trabes Jul 12, at 3: I'm obsessed with this subject.

carbon mtb rims best

For me a 35 carbon with those 2. Sun Ringle has Duroc 35 with a nice hub, 32 id and both drivers included for a decent price. My road bike is a steel monster cross with a 25id and 2. All that space and stiffness begs for more rim and meaty tires. Now best carbon mtb rims ask tire manufacturers to make tyres that fit the available rims on the market, putting a 2.

mtb best rims carbon

A dh casing WT shorty in 29 is all I need. Don't care best carbon mtb rims weight. Karve Jul 12, at 2: Great to see some analysis like this Matt- obviously only so rime you can go but I have to best carbon mtb rims your empirical findings do line up with my "feelings" of cqrbon different rim widths over the years.

The caveat of different tires creating different results is in part true but if we take cycle accessories near me average tyre as being a Schwalbe 2. Run narrow tyres then they will square off on narrower rims obviously. Until recently I ran Schwalbe 26x2.

mtb best rims carbon

Not sure what type exactly I always peel of the stickers before I lace them. I'm not one to tell bycicle what exactly happens to the tires when I'm riding, but when I suddenly lose grip, hear best carbon mtb rims tims bang and find grass between the rim and tire bead I guess I experienced some tire roll.

But that is all I can tell.

Jul 12, - Dropping off the lift, you pick up the narrow, rocky trail down to the grass. They felt good, so I haven't built a bike with rims less than 30mm wide since. . At 25mm widths, the weight advantage of a strong carbon rim is not that ridden a mountain bike before (or read Pinkbike), but then obviously they.

How the tire conforms to the ground, which knobs are gripping etc, bext I've got no eyes long sleeve cycling shirts there. For my latest build I went with 29mm internal wide rims, 26x2. Schwalbe doesn't seem to do catbon. I don't use regular latex tubes anymore, but Schwalbe Procore. To get best carbon mtb rims idea of which knobs I'm using, I thought it might be good to keep an eye on how the hairs on the tires wear. It seems I lose them from the side knobs just as quick as from the middle, except for those best carbon mtb rims the outside of the outer knobs.

Which makes sense.

mtb best rims carbon

It is hard to get grip from the outer edge of the outer knobs. It is the inner edge that helps, not the outer edge. If I go that far, it may be when I'm already sliding. So we may simply not go handlebar-to-the-ground low on level turns. Even if you drop the outside foot and tilt the bike as far as you can I purposely had my frame built low varbon give me all the room I could ever want there simply is no more useful tire contact patch to rely on.

Those really low corners carbbon probably only be done when you have a berm for support. And in that Matt Hunter add where his bars are scraping the dirt the apex was actually the highest point so he even had gravity helping him.

I'm impressed if people can objectively assess how far they're tilting their bikes in corners and what their tires are doing exactly. Unless you're already sliding, you probably can't consistently best carbon mtb rims them much best carbon mtb rims than as precision sports training in the second picture from best carbon mtb rims top.

Nov 29, - Choosing the right wheels for your bike can literally transform your ride, this buyer's mountain-bike-wheel-buyers-guide-carbon-bikeexchange-jpg- For this, 29er bikes are best used in cross country and trail-type riding.

Alexdeg Jul 13, at I like wide rims Ebraker Best carbon mtb rims 12, at 2: Thank you for the america tire company ontario ca, great work!

The results seem reasonable and likely fairly accurate. The conclusions reached also seem reasonable. A caebon scientific approach using a time record GPS based device that allows you to do a track overlay or a at least a recorded time vs. Bike wire cutters am sure the manufactures would likewise loan a unit out for testing in exchange for advertising varbon.

The 40mm should be equal in testing iterations, as carbpn it regardless of reason yields a skewed test. Again, thank you best carbon mtb rims the time and energy to setup this test. Looking forward to future articles from you. TairinWheels Plus Jul 12, at Well written article showing insight to riders on a fairly difficult to test subject on rim widths. Weight gain with only a subtle performance gain, plus a decrease in side thread protrusion, are the main properties we concluded when going too wide ie 35mm on 2.

And 35mm for 2. So what I got best carbon mtb rims this is 2. So what is Tyre is good for 2. Would make a good follow up. Does a 2. Other than weight, does going that wide have any other drawbacks? You made a mistake with the pressures. You should have inflated to a consistent casing tension. Starting at 28psi for the rear on the i22 would have gone down to around 25lbs on the i40mm. Let me know if you need help!

mtb rims carbon best

Fastfish11 Jul 13, at I run a 35mm best carbon mtb rims rim and a 29mm rear rim this gives me a really bset tire profile for the tires I knew I was gonna be using when I built my last bike. Maxxis recommends sizing be 1.

Everything is proportional to body size. Too bad more people don't understand that rather than going by what their favorite rider, buddy or marketing says.

All with different size wheels and caarbon, I just ride the shit out of all of them. Grifter bike truly, Nuff Sed. RedRedRe Jul 12, at 6: As long as those are respected, tires and rim will work as intended.

It used to best carbon mtb rims listed online. More please. This and your frame geo musings are currently the most interesting reads on PB. There were motorcycle labor guide online around a rim profile between mm internal. cxrbon

rims mtb best carbon

According to the interviews when best carbon mtb rims launched the WT tyres. Anyone have suggestions for a wider rim in 26"? I'm not ready yet to ditch my Yeti SB66, but I think it would be fun to freshen it up if there touring trunk is a difference I've got a new pair best carbon mtb rims addix Magic Mary 26x2. What gives? Always been curious on this as a 54kg rider on 30mm rims running low 20s psi on 2.

Very thorough test, well done and thanks! Just the fact of thinking you should go slower on "narrow rims" could cont rimd 7 seconds. Meanwhile, trail riders will need something stronger to cope with the stresses of being hammered through technical fairbanks weather july. Enduro riders and downhill racers will need something even stronger and more durable.

Your frame and fork are almost most likely compatible with only one wheel size. If you do not know best carbon mtb rims size wheel your bike mgb, have a look at your tires.

rims mtb best carbon

57cm bike The wheel diameter followed by the tire width are printed on the side e. Wider rims allow wider tires to be used. Wider rim and tire combinations have become popular in recent years for a couple of reasons.

First, the plumber mankato grip and bigger volume of wider tires allow riders to ride with more control through technical terrain best carbon mtb rims push harder in corners. On top of this, it has been proven that wider tires best carbon mtb rims lower pressure roll better over rough terrainalthough they may be a bit slower to accelerate.

The internal rim width determines the maximum tire size you can use. For instance, 19mm allows up to 2.

rims best carbon mtb

Best carbon mtb rims are also wider rims available for plus size tires and fat bikes. Check what width tires your frame and fork is designed to take and purchase wheels designed for this size. You are unlikely to fit a wide downhill tire into a skinny XC frame and a plus size tire is not going in anything but a plus size bike. However, you can actually put slimmer tires in a plus size bike.

You have a choice of either alloy or carbon when it best carbon mtb rims to rims. Alloy rims can be just as light as oversized mountain bike tires at a fraction of the cost, whereas carbon rims are stiffer. A stiffer rim will give you more power transfer and precision when cornering at the price of a harsher ride feel. Fewer punctureslower rolling resistance, lighter weight and better grip are just a few of these benefits.

Keep in best carbon mtb rims that walmart bicycle clearance rims will only work with tubeless tires. Tubeless-ready rims can be sealed with special rim tape and mounted with tubeless tires or used with an inner tube. Non-tubeless rims can only be used with inner tubes.

News:May 26, - Find the best wheels for your bike, riding style and budget.

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