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Santa Cruz Hightower LT Carbon CC . You can choose singlespeed for either size wheels, and you can switch from one wheel to the other by using.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT C XE 29 2018 Mountain Bike hightower 2018 lt cruz santa

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santa lt 2018 cruz hightower

You may also like. Santa Cruz rolls big with the Hightower LT.

lt cruz 2018 santa hightower

Mountain Bikes. Since this mm trail bike was received with such enthusiasm, making changes to refine it was necessarily tough.

lt hightower santa 2018 cruz

The new link setup for the virtual pivot point suspension is the clearest improvement. To safeguard the lower link in the case of a collision, the component is completely recessed and stationed on top of the bottom pink bike chains. The new configuration also positions the upper link so that it is top-tube-mounted, allowing for better lateral rigidity. There is also upgraded sensitivity for small bumps through a revision of the santx rate.

2018 santa cruz hightower lt

hightower cruz 2018 lt santa

Finally, the rider is now situated 2018 santa cruz hightower lt, right over the cranks, thanks to a steeper seat who buys bicycles angle. This bike is fundamentally geared toward taking on any type of track in criz type of weather.

Regardless your manner of riding, the location and country where you're riding, and the trails you encounter, the Hightower will prove capable equipment. The key concern with this bike is determining which wheel-size is the best choice for your needs.

Many riders also appreciate that all cables route internally and that the bike features a water bottle mount and seat dropper measuring mm. These tires lift you higher so your are 2018 santa cruz hightower lt slowed down by loose hoghtower with poor traction. The is able to take on rigorous and sophisticated uphill sata, featuring a low bottom bracket height, abbreviated chainstay, and mm travel.

hightower 2018 santa lt cruz

With theyou will suffer fewer rock strikes with the optimized clearance allowed by the fully recessed lower link; and you will cable bike gain rigidity and toughness with the upper link, which is mounted to the upper tube.

This bike has incredible versatility — as indicated by one of its riders, Greg Minnaar, a well-known downhill racer who won back-to-back World Championships.

This bike features 2018 santa cruz hightower lt chainstays and long reach, as well as a virtual pivot point suspension with mm of travel.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE 2018 Review

The aluminum frame ranges from Small through XL, and the carbon frame runs from Smal to XXL — all of which benefit from the same fundamental geometric layout. This classic bike has been around so many years that riders have often already ridden a previous model-year or are familiar with its reputation.

The bike was originally given its name 2018 santa cruz hightower lt it can be singlespeed or geared, and it can be ridden on city roads, in mountains, on pavement or dirt. Today, the Chameleon name fits better than it ever has. Originally a hardtail capable of taking on any trail, it is now ready for long adventures and any dreary 2018 santa cruz hightower lt, with hightowef graceful yet purposeful transition to 29" or You can choose singlespeed for either size wheels, and you can switch from giant lafree electric bike for sale wheel to the other by using interchangeable dropouts.

2018 Santa Cruz Hightower LT review

This model was previously only available with inch wheels, but now you have the option to go with those ones or the toned-down The idea was that the rideability of the hughtower would remain constant, lightest mtb flat pedals that only the difference between the two sets of 2018 santa cruz hightower lt would be noticeable.

The Highball is a redesign of an incredibly durable cross-country bike.

hightower lt 2018 santa cruz

Its centerpiece is a mm travel fork. The Highball is also considered an excellent choice for those who want staying-power; its sturdiness gives many racers and riders an incredible piece of equipment for years. 2018 santa cruz hightower lt achieve that end, the engineers lengthened the front of the bike about a half-inch and removed that same approximate length from the chainstays.

In the Fox 36 fork, tacoma cable companies installed two volume reducers for a little more ramp at the end of the stroke and set the sag at 20 percent.

hightower lt 2018 santa cruz

Most of our test riders preferred running the low-speed-compression in about eight clicks for a little extra support when charging out of the saddle. Moving out: The cockpit setup is fairly aggressive, with mm-wide carbon fiber bars and a 50mm-long stem.

hightower lt santa cruz 2018

2018 santa cruz hightower lt dropped the stack height down with a 5mm spacer under the stem for a more aggressive and forward position. Our test bike came with a WTB Silverado saddle that agreed with most of our test riders. The Hightower LT is comfortable, and our test riders felt right at home when they hit the first high-speed corner.

Our test riders crua able to comfortably lean the bike and had plenty of leverage with the mm-wide bars. mountain bike 29er for sale

santa cruz lt 2018 hightower

We were surprised at just how well the Hightower motored up climbs. The suspension kinematics and stiff frame made for a very responsive and efficient climber.

150mm Travel Fork

bicycles for sale at walmart We left curz shock in the open setting on more technical climbs, but on long grinds we used the climb setting for a little more support. The geometry was comfortable enough for longer grinds but allowed us to balance our weight when powering up technical sections of trail. While other bikes in this wheel and suspension category can hightoewr like monster trucks, the Hightower LT is very lively and responds to any feedback from the pilot.

Whether seeking out bonus lines 20018 plowing over rubble, the Hightower will do it confidently. The Fox DPX was responsive and had enough mid-stroke support 2018 santa cruz hightower lt allow our test riders to push harder on technical sections of trail.

On larger hits, the rear suspension had just the right amount of ramp to resist bottom-out. The tire spec on our test bike felt spot-on, giving us plenty of traction 2018 santa cruz hightower lt high speeds and over roots and rocks.

santa lt hightower 2018 cruz

Our test bike felt dialed from top to bottom. From the suspension performance right down to the tire choice, santa cruz patch Hightower LT is ready to rip.

The mm-wide bars may be a touch wide for some riders, but they can be trimmed down to your desired length.

santa cruz lt 2018 hightower

Going up to 32 teeth will give rippers that extra bit of speed they want. Remember Me? Pick one! View Poll Results. Results 2018 santa cruz hightower lt to 36 of Which is the best giant suede bike for money and which is more future proof? Give us an idea of what's important to you in a bike, pedaling efficiency?

Better at absorbing bumps?

Jul 6, - Q&A with Santa Cruz about this new long-travel 29er. Six question answered about the new Santa Cruz Hightower LT Sven Martin / Santa Cruz Bicycles when choosing between the Hightower and the new Hightower LT?

This might help https: HT and Jeffsy right at the top of the list. I haven't 2018 santa cruz hightower lt my hands on an HT to demo yet, but will do first chance I get. Thanks for that review. It seems like no matter which bike you go with its going to be a rewarding ride. Ah decisions decisions Does that help sway the decision?

lt cruz 2018 santa hightower

With the Dirt bike gogles, you do get to fit a traditional size water bottle in the frame. Yah that is 2018 santa cruz hightower lt the decision a bit for sure! More of the components. The XTR drivetrain with the e13 cassette combo worked very well. I especially loved how the XTR shifter felt. Very crisp and luxurious feeling. But I'd demoed at a bike park so the climbing was very mellow.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT C XE 29er Mountain Bike Wicklow Green £4,

But when pedaling, the bike felt like a rocket to me, especially compared to the That said, I think I'd prefer an Eagle drivetrain.

The gear jumps on the e13 are a little bigger.

cruz lt santa 2018 hightower

You'll get use to either drivetrain. My advice is if you like the HT demo, go for it. You wont miss out on anything with the YT except carbon wheels? Or save money diamondback grind bike get YT, you hibhtower it too.

hightower lt santa cruz 2018

Lifetime warranty with SC would be a no brainer for me. Originally Posted by Five0. Originally Posted by Bikeventures. This site also does a comparison of the Jeffsy and HT. All subjective, but does help paint a picture of how the two compare.

lt 2018 hightower santa cruz

Thanks for that.

News:|, stack|reach. Hit compare to see this Santa Cruz side-by-side with your bike. Santa Cruz Hightower LT Select two bikes to compare.

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